E-Scooters. Are they Insurable?


Birds and Lime scooters are the new popular mobility option. However, e-scooters cause head injuries, traffic accidents and even deaths. You need to be careful! Also, consider what you owe if you get into an accident. The Problem with Insuring…

Insurance and How it Applies to College.


Insurance is a boring topic at first glance. However, it is interesting when applied to the things you care about. For example, how do you use insurance to better your college experience? There are quite a few ways… Homeowners Homeowners…

Personal Injury Insurance is CRUCIAL


What is ‘personal injury?’ No it is not when you personally get injured. Actually, personal injury means injury to character by libel, slander, or harassment. It is a broad topic and that is why personal injury insurance is crucial.

Boat Safety


Prime boating season is upon us. Which means boat safety season is upon us as well. Furthermore,  sales of recreational boats have been growing at a steady clip for seven consecutive years now, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association.…

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