Ramsey Trusted

We are a Ramsey Trusted ELP, this must be earned.

Dave’s endorsement—it cannot be bought.

Being a Ramsey Trusted ELP isn’t easy; it’s hard work because Ramsey Trusted ELP’s are held to a higher standard of excellence.

Dave’s endorsement is not bought—it’s earned.

Dave Ramsey has a 45-person team that interviews potential Ramsey Trusted ELP’s several times and provides support to make sure your Ramsey Trusted ELP provides the advice Dave would give. His team also makes sure that every Ramsey Trusted ELP is someone you feel comfortable talking to and is a person you can trust.

Insurance Ramsey Trusted ELP’s performance is evaluated every month to be sure Dave’s team can continue to recommend Thousand Oaks Insurance to you as the best local independent agency in your area. Also, every person who uses a Ramsey Trusted ELP has a chance to grade them based on their personal experience through surveys we provide.

Ramsey Trusted ELP’s give great customer service and are easy to understand and only represent reputable A Rated insurance companies

Dave’s team makes sure each of our Ramsey Trusted ELP’s truly has the “heart of a teacher”, so you can trust your Ramsey Trusted ELP to provide top-notch customer service. No one likes to be talked down or made to feel as if they don’t matter.

Ramsey Trusted ELP’s take pride in the fact that they treat each Dave fan like a friend.

Why use a Dave Ramsey Trusted ELP Independent Insurance Agent?

It’s simple actually. Choice, Ethics and Professionalism.

A shocking number of people in our country grossly overpay for car, home, and many other types of insurance without even realizing it. A Dave Ramsey Trusted ELP in Thousand Oaks like us, works for you, not the insurance company.

Thousand Oaks Insurance is not limited to a single insurance company’s products or plans. Independent agents search dozens of insurance products and tools from many reputable insurance companies.

And best of all, it’s absolutely free to work with a Dave Ramsey Trusted ELP independent insurance professional!

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