Power Outage Checklist

Thousand Oaks received one of its most intense windstorms this week. The resulting power outages left a lot of people in the dark and unprepared.  If a power outage is […]

Easy Home Workouts

If you have an LA Fitness membership like I do, then this is the blog for you because LA Fitness has been closed for the majority of this pandemic. Contrary […]

COVID Car Upkeep Survival Guide

Keep the Battery Active Cars need to exercise their battery like we need to exercise our bodies. Neglecting the battery can cause it to die and we can avoid this […]

What is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

You may have heard the term ‘full coverage’ when talking about auto insurance, however what exactly does it mean? Full coverage typically refers to a combination of collision, comprehensive and liability insurance. Collision […]

Earthquakes – Clusters and Insurance

Earthquake insurance is more important than ever as California continually experiences earthquake clusters. What is an earthquake cluster? Check out this article about earthquake clusters. In summary, it is exactly […]