Pet Safety in the Car

I recently adopted a puppy named Rosie. This event has changed my attitude towards many things, driving in particular. I bring her to work with me everyday so I wanted […]

Coronavirus – A Comprehensive Guide

  The Coronavirus is here for the foreseeable future, but don’t worry! Thousand Oaks Insurance is here to help you get prepared. Also, pay attention to any new information coming […]

Golf and Lingo You Should Know

Golf is a great way to impress a boss, in-law, or significant other. But what you say on the course may be just as impressive as what you do… Here’s […]

Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps

Dave Ramsey is a huge part of the way we do business at Thousand Oaks Insurance. His ‘7 Baby Steps’ are a sure-fire way to give yourself financial freedom as […]

Road Rage!! How do I Avoid it?

Us folks over here in California know a thing or two about road rage. In fact, we wrote the book on it. Driving can be stressful, but feeling angry when […]