Pet Safety in the Car

I recently adopted a puppy named Rosie. This event has changed my attitude towards many things, driving in particular. I bring her to work with me everyday so I wanted to make sure she was as safe as possible. Furthermore, this awakened sense of security prompted me ask one very important question…

How can I keep my puppy safe in the car?

There are a variety of devices to keep your dog under control while operating your vehicle. The most important of these devices is a harness, which acts as a dog seat belt. What you buy depends on your budget, your car, and most importantly your dog. Personally, I am a big believer in Amazon. My puppy is about 10 lbs and I drive an average sized sedan so I bought a PetSafe car seat, which you can view here. The seat belt feeds through the bottom part of the car seat and clips in as normal. This holds the seat in place. Additionally, there is a separate harness that acts as a short leash, keeping your puppy safely in place in case of a collision.

What about a large dog?


Larger breeds require larger equipment, which will cost you more. However, there is an ample amount of variety and options to fit your budget and vehicle. You can opt to purchase a large harness, but a better option may be to get a seat cover. Seat covers are a great, affordable method to keeping your dog(s) safe in the back seat of your car. These covers are typically padded and offer a large surface for your canine to lay down and take a load off while you chauffeur them to their destination.

What about longer drives?

I recommend over preparing for a long journey with your companion. Pack your dog treats, toys, water, and some identification in case they get lost somehow. Also, depending on where you are going you should look up veterinarian options in case of an emergency.

You and your pet will be set up to go anywhere if you follow these precautions. I firmly believe that you are able to enjoy your trips a lot more when there is nothing to worry about.


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