Earthquakes – Clusters and Insurance

Earthquake insurance is more important than ever as California continually experiences earthquake clusters.

What is an earthquake cluster?

Check out this article about earthquake clusters. In summary, it is exactly what it sounds like, multiple earthquakes occurring in the same area and around the same time.

Dozens of these earthquakes have been occurring in southern California. However, we won’t notice them 99% of the time because the strength, or magnitude, of the earthquake is fairly moderate. In fact, most of the quakes have a measured magnitude of less than 3.0 out of 10.0. For reference, we wouldn’t even feel an earthquake until it reaches a magnitude of 3.5 to 4.0, and that would be a light shake.

That being said, these clusters have been recording a small number of quakes reaching magnitudes above 4.5. This can become a problem for homeowner’s in that area, especially when multiple occur at the same time.

Earthquake Insurance

Fun fact, a homeowner’s policy does NOT cover damage as a result of an earthquake. You actually need a separate policy dedicated to that coverage. Many insurance companies partner with the California Earthquake Authority to offer competitive rates for earthquake insurance. Our agency represents many of these companies, Mercury, Nationwide, Progressive, etc.

Contact Thousand Oaks Insurance for competitive rates and appropriate coverage for your home, auto, AND earthquake insurance. Our quoting portal is available here.



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