Quarantine Activities for Kids

The quarantine is teaching us new and exciting ways to keep our kids occupied. Check these these indoor activities for kids!

Building Things with Putty

Play dough is not only great for kids to play and build with, it’s also easy for them to make at home. Start by mixing one part salt with two parts flour. In a separate bowl, mix one part water (the same amount as the salt) with a few drops of food coloring and a spoonful of vegetable oil. Mix the dry and wet ingredients together with a spoon, then knead with hands until smooth. Voila!


Creating musical instruments is a craft project, which leads to an activity that allows kids to blow off some steam. A maraca can be made with an empty cardboard container filled partway with dry rice or beans, then taped shut. You can make a stringed instrument for little hands to strum, using an empty facial tissue box with rubber bands stretched around it lengthwise over the opening. The fun part? Decorating instruments with crayons, paint, pipe cleaners—whatever kids fancy! Add pots or bowls as “drums,” wooden spoons as “drumsticks” and lids as “cymbals,” and the band is ready to play!


A day indoors can make anyone a bit restless, but some light yoga can help to quiet minds— even little ones! Psychology Today recently explored the benefits of yoga for children, which include developing kids’ creativity and helping them focus. Introduce them to the practice with Cosmic Kids, a YouTube channel with a bubbly host who turns yoga into playtime.

Story Time

Unleash your child’s creativity with a storybook. All you need are a few pieces of cardstock or construction paper, pencil crayons, glue and you’re ready to go! Start by creating a booklet for them by folding standard, letter-sized paper or construction paper in half and gluing a few sheets together along the folded edge. Little authors can tell a story with pictures on each page, while older kids can use sketches and words to craft their tales. A finished storybook makes a great keepsake or gift for a parent or grandparent.

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