Auto Accidents and How to Determine Fault.

What happens when auto accidents occur? First, the police arrive on the scene to talk to  the involved parties. Usually, the assigned officer decides who is at fault right away. Their decision is based on the evidence at the scene as well as witness statements. Additionally, the decision affects your insurance. However, it can be difficult deciding who’s fault it is. So, what happens then? Also, what happens with your auto claim?

auto accidents

Auto Accidents Require Investigative Work

Sometimes, the police officer is not able to make decisions on the road at the time of the incident. Typically, they will work to clear the scene to get traffic moving. They do this only after documenting the incident, taking ample photos, and gathering witness statements. After they do this, the case remains open.

auto accidents

Assigning an investigator to the case may occur, especially if it is a multi-party accident or the damage and loss is severe. They will use witness statements. They will gather camera evidence that may be available throughout the area where the incident occurred. They may try to track down witnesses through other means.

Ultimately, the police department will make a decision on whether they can determine who caused the wreck. If it was you, then your car insurance might have to pay for the damage of the other affected parties.

When You Do Not Agree

auto accidents

There are some instances in which you may not agree with the decision the police make. That’s why it is so important to share all the information you have with the officer. Do so calmly and with detail. After the decision occurs, you can often still fight the claims made.

Your auto insurance company should help you. Speak with your agent to document what you say happened. They may assign an attorney to you to help you fight the claim in a court of law, if necessary. If the damage is minor, your insurance company is likely to simply pay the damage and move on. In larger cases, though, they may conduct their own investigation and present it in a court of law.

A component of your car insurance’s liability policy is to provide you with a legal defense. This may be the ideal scenario to use that attorney to help you with this matter. By keeping a cool head and working through your car insurance agent, you’ll be more likely to get the results you desire. And, if now, your car insurance is there to help cover the costs, assuming they fall under the terms of your policy


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