Weird Insurance. What Can’t You Insure?

Weird insurance is more common than you think. We all know home and auto as the insurance policy staples. However, I am hoping to blow your mind with this blog or leave you laughing at how ridiculous it is. Do you think I’m kidding? Try googling ‘My Zombie Insurance’ and ask that question again.

Here are some more examples of weird insurance if you need more convincing…

1. Fantasy Football Insurance

Anthony Giaccone and Henry Olszewski created Fantasy Sports Insurance (FSI) to give owners peace of mind in the event of player injury or suspension. Team owners can insure their players for $100 to $1,000 with FSI. At any rate, the lowest plan covers one key player who misses nine out of the first 16 NFL regular season games due to injury.

fantasy-football-insurance2. Hole in One Insurance

Golf Digest believes the odds of an average golfer making a hole in one are 12,000 to 1. However, sponsors are still not comfortable with those odds. If a company ends up having to pay the prize, they may find themselves in a hole too. Instead, they often take out insurance policies to protect against the chance that someone makes the shot.

3. The Big Day

The Knot says that Newlyweds and their families spent an average of $28,427 on weddings. Wedsure, the “Wedding Insurance Expert”, offers policies that cover financial loss ranging from a missing caterer to a change of heart. However, don’t expect a payout if you get left at the altar, as that’s only reserved for people who paid for the wedding.


4. Multiple Birth Insurance

The birth rate for twins in the United States rose 76 percent over the last 20 years. London, famous for having some of the oddest insurance policies, allows you to take out a policy against this surprise. Thus, If you are expecting a baby girl and have twins, triplets or more, this policy will cover some of the extra expenses that come with raising multiple children.

5. David Beckham’s Soccer Policy

FIFA released that there are four injuries per one training hour and a team of 25 players can expect 50 injuries per season. That being said, David Beckham took out a $151 million injury policy on the functionality of his entire body.


Above all, insurance is all based upon risk and statistics. It does not take as much as you would think to create an insurable interest in something. Have more examples of weird insurance? Send them my way!

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