Thousand Oaks Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is there to relive the pressure when you are held directly liable for something big. Like an umbrella, it fills in the gaps and extends your protection to shield you from the torrents of financial liability.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

This is how it works. Say you become liable to pay the medical and replacement bills for another car in an accident. Emergency medical attention is extremely expensive and replacing a car is no small matter. Umbrella insurance can help your auto insurance liability cover the price of medical care. That way, instead of being limited to only $300,000, for example, you have access to $1.3 million to assist in accident costs.

Unlike excess insurance, umbrella can dip down into all of its underlying policies to help throughout the payment process, not just after all other insurance wells have dried out. This process is easier and faster than if you had to file another claim once the first is done, which could induce stress and slow necessary treatment.

Thousand Oaks Insurance Agency Can Find The Policy For You

Thousand Oaks Insurance Agency can help Thousand Oaks residents find umbrella insurance that works. We know the market well. We have been helping residents pull extra protection over their heads with umbrella insurance in Thousand Oaks for years. Contact us to discuss your current insurance situation and see what we can do to improve it with an umbrella.