How to Vacation Safely this Holiday Season

Vacation Research

Whether you take a road trip to another state, or go on a few day trips to visit local attractions, check out current travel restrictions and rules. Before you settle on a destination, review the rules for when you return home, too. Depending on where you’ve been, you may be required to quarantine at home for a period of time upon your return.

Off-Peak Times

Avoid crowds to stay safe during your vacation. Tack on a few extra days before or after the weekend (think Thursday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Monday). If you can’t do that, try to arrive earlier in the day or later in the evening. You can always call ahead or check online for updates to see when the most popular times are – and then base your itinerary

Book in Advance

Although you might typically stay with family or book a vacation home as a large group, you might want to reconsider your lodging options this year. If you opt for a hotel, skip the daily housekeeping service and avoid indoor amenities, like gyms or pools. If you book a rental cabin or RV, ask how much time will pass between guests. Wherever you plan to stay, consider wiping down your space upon arrival.

Bring Your Own

Here’s something you might not typically hear: Don’t be afraid to overpack. In addition to your go-to vacation essentials, you might also consider packing plenty of hand sanitizer, extra face masks, cleaning supplies, disinfectant wipes, and lots of bottled water.

6-Foot Social Distancing

Vacation is usually your time to let loose and relax, but this year, you might want to do so with caution. Wherever you plan to vacation, maintain your distance from others, especially if you’re not traveling or staying together. The CDC recommends people keep at least 6 feet apart, even when outdoors – and to be extra safe, don’t forget to wear a mask!

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