Keep the Battery Active

Cars need to exercise their battery like we need to exercise our bodies. Neglecting the battery can cause it to die and we can avoid this with small usage of 30 minutes per week. Additionally, things like the radio can drain your cars battery while it isn’t being used. So you should disconnect your battery if you aren’t going to drive.

Tire Pressure

We’ve all had flats on our bike tires and car tires work the same way. Make sure to keep air in those tires! Your cars manufacturer should have a recommend air pressure that you can find on the driver’s side panel.

Change the Oil

This is a gimme, but engine oil should be changed every 6-8000 miles. That being said, check with your manufacturer to make sure you have the right intervals between oil changes.


Cars carry germs more than they carry passengers. Make sure to wipe down your steeling wheel, door handles, and any buttons you press commonly. Also, vacuum the carpets and hard to reach areas. The CDC has official guidelines on keeping your car at a satisfactory level of sanitation for when you bring it in for servicing.

Cover Up

Car covers can be handy for many things. First, they keep the paint in good shape, especially after it has been cleaned. This can be helpful for keeping critters out of your vehicle. I recommend  covering your muffler and engine bay for good measure. Finally, a closed garage is the safest place to park your vehicle.