Cleaning Supplies and Creative Ways to Use Them.

You spend (way too much) of your hard-earned money on cleaning supplies—so why not try to make the most of their stain-fighting powers? Consider letting these common cleaners pull double-duty in and around your home.

1. Clean Your Garage Floor With Dish Soap …

Oil clean-up in a workshop. A man cleaning-up an oil spill on a workshop floor. The man is wearing work boots and mechanic's clothing.The same stuff you use to de-grease dishes can be put to work on driveways and more. As long as you move quickly, dish soap, plus some scrubbing power, can help remove fresh oil stains from concrete and asphalt.

2. … Or Use It To Kill Weeds.

Miserable dandelion in the middle of a pavement.If your driveway or sidewalk cracks are overrun with weeds, combine one tablespoon liquid dish soap with a cup of salt and a gallon of white vinegar, then pour over any plant life wreaking havoc on your pavement. This solution is hard on plants, but safe for pets and kids.

3. Banish Pests With Window Cleaner …

Spray bottleGot a bit of a bug problem but no designated bug killer? Spraying a bit of window cleaner in the cracks where they lurk should get the job done.

4. … Or Use It To Clean Your Couch.

Close up of coffee cup on sofaSpill something on your microfiber couch or armchair? Spritz a little window cleaner on the offending spot, then use a soft brush to scrub the upholstery.

5. Unclog A Drain With Denture Tablets.

Tablets for cleaning of dental prostheses isolated on whiteReally. Break a few denture cleaning tablets in half, drop ‘em down a problem drain, then pour hot water on top to let the bubbles work their magic.

6. Use Oven Cleaner On Your Bathtub.

Person cleaning bathJust because the label says oven cleaner doesn’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere. Oven cleaners are also pretty effective at removing unsightly stains from porcelain tubs, but only if the tubs are white (the chemicals in oven cleaner can affect the color of tile and porcelain, potentially making your stains look even worse). If you go this route, be careful not to get any cleaner on shower curtains, rugs, or towels.

7. Make A DIY Ice Pack.

Close-Up Of Blue Dishwashing Liquid Being Poured In Funnel

Freezing dish soap is an easy way to make an ice pack that stays frozen longer than a water-based pack would. Bonus: They’re also refreezable, and when you’re done, you still have dish soap for various other household uses.


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